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Commander’s Column by 4th District Commander Teresa Ash

WOW, all I can say is THANK YOU to the 4th District for making this past year so great.  It was really wonderful seeing how well we could all succeed working as a family.  The District really came together as a family to make everything work.  So again thank you.

Remember to put on your calendars Saturday June 12th for the annual Flag Retirement at the Disabled Vet’s Camp at Big Marine which starts at noon sharp.  You will not want to miss this event, it is wonderful and emotional.

Do not forget to keep working on your membership.  We want everyone to be a part of what we are all so proud of.

We will be having our district convention at Arcade Phalen American Legion on June 4h & 5th.  Friday evening begins with the memorial and opening the convention, the convention will finish on Saturday.  I look forward to seeing everyone there.

We will be having a preconvention meeting, for National Convention.  I will get with the delegation for National Convention to set up a time.  Be sure to get your reservations for National.

My project this year was the Armed Forces Service Center – Meet and Greets.  If you would still like to donate you can bring your check to the District Convention or mail it to Robin Picray (District Finance Officer) or myself. 

Commander Teresa  


June 4th and 5th will be the Convention Weekend for the 4th District. The annual Memorial Service will be at Arcade Post on Friday evening June 4th, followed by the opening of the Legion Convention.  On Saturday the 5th, the Auxiliary will have their convention at Arcade Phalen and the Legion will have their convention at Face to Face Academy, just to the north of the Post across the parking lot.  Registration will be $10 and lunch will be $7. Officers will be elected for the various

Positions in the District, delegates to the National Convention will be selected, resolutions will be reviewed and voted up or down. You can bet there will be visits from candidates for various Department Offices, such as Commander and Vice Commander. The Convention  is where the major business of the American Legion is done. It seems a shame that some posts never attend an RCCC meeting, let alone the District Convention. It would be wonderful if we could get all 23 posts represented at the District Convention. As always, there will be a reception following the installation  of the officers held at the host post. We at the 4th District want to thank the Arcade Phalen American Legion Family for hosting this year’s convention, we look forward to having a great event.

4th District News Bites - Happenings around the Fabulous 4th


The American Legion Scholastic award and General Military Excellence Awards were presented to local cadets this past month. At North High in N. St Paul, Post 39 Commander Larry Ryan took his dress blues out of moth balls at the invitation of the instructors, and presented the Scholastic Award to Cadet Tim Betz, and the General Military Excellence Award to Cadet Travis Eaton. Both of these cadets plan on pursuing their military studies. Cadet Betz departs this summer for Basic Training with the US Army at Ft Benning, Georgia. Cadet Eaton is undergoing the pre-testing for enlistment.

Thank you again and keep doing what you do.


The Snow is gone, the ice is out, the grass is being cut in criss cross patterns on diamonds all over the county. That means one thing: Time for American Legion Baseball!  Teams have been holding tryouts, and practices will begin soon. There will be a total of 9 teams competeing for the 4th District Championship this year. The defending champions, Hamline Purple, will be vying to repeat in their trip to the Dept Playoffs. As soon as the High School  Baseball seasons are finished, the Legion season begins. The first games should be on or around June 15th. If you want to see some of the best in Amateur Baseball, then come out and watch these young men play. They are the cream of the crop from local high school teams. Many of them will go on to play college baseball, and some could even make it to the professional level, possibly even getting to “the show,” the Major Leagues. The 4th District has had their fair share of Legion Baseball players go on to make it to not only the bigs, but two have made it to the Hall of Fame. White Bear Lake had Jamie Ogden, who went on to play for the Minnesota Twins at the Triple A and Major League levels. North St Paul had Robb Quinlan go on to a creer with the Angels. And Attucks Brooks had Paul Molitor and Dave Winfield, both enshrined at Cooperstown in the Hall of Fame. There are even strong rumors that Jack Morris played for Hamline, and a certain local hero that plays catcher may have played in the 4th District . Who knows who you may see on a local Diamond? Come on out and support your teams! There may be a small admission fee to some of the games; this is to help the teams offset the cost of the field rental, uniforms, entry fees to tournaments, etc. It is all towards a great cause. Come out and enjoy the Minnesota summer and cheer on your favorite team!

RCCC MINUTES AND NEWS - Post Events, Announcements, and District Events

Called to order by May 20th, 2010 by Commander Teresa at Arcade Phalen Post 577, hosted by 3M post. 12 posts present.

Commander Teresa introduced guests – The 4th District American Legion Auxiliary with their President Shelly Putz, Dave Gustafson (4th/5th Department Vice Commander), Lynne Nottage candidate from the 5th District for 4th/5th Department Vice Commander for 2010/2011, Dick Ward Post 1 commander/5th District Vice Commander and Matt Dirks 4th District SAL Commander. Commander Teresa paid a $5.00 fine for not introducing her husband Mike. Dick Ward introduced Lynne Nottage as 5th Districts candidate for Department Vice Commander for the coming year.  She stressed the need to have more activities between the 4th and 5th districts and the need to keep having fun.  Dave Gustafson then brought greetings from Department Commander Al and the Department. Shelly Putz then brought greetings from the 4th District American Legion Auxiliary. Officer reports followed. From Mike Martens in Area 1, Carl Renalls spoke on Legionville.  He went over the last Legionville meeting and the discussions on the camp.  As for School Patrol, the 4th district has moved to only 1 session (for bus cost savings) and will be with the 5th district.  This will be session 6 – July 25th to 30th.  The bus will come from the 5th district and be at the Sear’s parking lot at 10:30 am on the 25th for loading and will leave at 11:15.  Not sure on the cost but the St. Paul Police Federation has donated $500, so this year MIGHT be a break even.  The bus will return on the 30th around 5 pm.  Volunteers would be welcome at either time! From Carl Renalls in Area 2, Don Lacho spoke on National Security.  John Grams then spoke on Hospital Visitation.  He finished his report for last year, and for the year during visitations on the 3rd Sunday, $4981 worth of items were distributed and 394 hours were put in by volunteers.  Please remember the 3rd Sunday of the month at 1 pm in the Auditorium of the VA Hospital, or if you want/need a ride meet at the Arcade Phalen parking lot at noon.  Mike Ash then spoke on some literature on the Agent Orange exposure state side.  Please see him for more information. Robin then spoke on the tax exempt status, with the new rules from the IRS, forms MUST be files even if the total income/expenses for organizations are less then $25000.  He then spoke on finances; there is approximately $3000 in checking and $51,000 in endowment.  The finance committee had met and recommended that $8000 be transferred from the endowment fund to the checking account to cover expenses.  A motion was made by Robin to move $8000 from the endowment fund to the checking account which was seconded by Mickey Ostrum and passed. Commander Teresa then reminded everyone to register for the Department Convention.  Cliff spoke on Boy’s State.  There are only 5 boys signed up for the bus, if more do not sign up, they will need to cancel the bus. On the UVC dinner, it was mentioned that 150 attended and Jimmy Dimiati was the Legionnaire of the Year.  Merrill Stenzel was also the 40/8’er of the year.



Is your post, unit or squadron having an event? Do you have photos of your people in action with American Legion, Auxiliary, or SAL Activities? Send your stories to the Newsletter editor, Larry Ryan. As indicated on the front page, the District E-Mail Address is fourth_district@yahoo.comYou can send photos as well.